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MIT Venture Capital Conference Entrepreneur Showcase

Oct 23, 2008
Category Education

Having lived through the last major tech downturn (precipitated by our friend, the Internet bubble), one of the big lessons that I learned was to steadily play through.  Specifically, I’ve reached the conclusion that there is no right or wrong time to start a company, or build a company.  Great entrepreneurs will figure things out regardless of the macro environment.  As I’m quick to say (and it’s now becoming one of my favorite cliches), "some of the best investments I’ve ever made / companies I’ve helped start were created / funded between 2001 and 2003."

MIT is having their 11th annual Venture Capital Conference on 12/6/08.  This one is titled Reinventing Venture CapitalI’m sure that part will be stimulating for the VCs that are there, but the really good stuff appears to be the Entrepreneur Showcase 

Over 30 early-stage businesses from sectors including information technology, healthcare and clean technology will be selected to exhibit their business vision and technology prowess at the 11th MIT Venture Capital Conference.  Entrepreneurs will have an opportunity to explain their business, display their products, learn from the MIT network, and find growth opportunities.  Attendees include VCs, Angels, corporate executives, and the general public.

If you are a startup and want to apply to be part of this, the application is here and the directions for applying are here.  If nothing else, you’ll get to hear Eran Egozy talk about Harmonix.  If you ask, he might even play his clarinet for you.