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Daily Reading As The Year Winds Down

Dec 22, 2008
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I’m always amused at how many “lists” appear at the end of the year.  I’m anti-list – I never read them and I no longer am willing to contribute to them.  So – for some non-list reading for today, I present to you the best of what I read this morning on the web.

Washington Is Killing Silicon Valley: Michael Malone nailed it in this article.  “If Mr. Obama is serious about getting the country out of this recession using something more than public make-work projects, he should restore the integrity of the new company creation cycle: rewrite full disclosure, throw out options expensing, make compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley rules voluntary, and if he won’t cut it, then at least leave the capital gains tax rate alone.”

Day 2 Giveaway 6 – iMenorah: It’s Hanukkah (how do you spell that again) and all good jews with iPhones need the iMenorah app.  Dad – I knew there was a reason you should have gotten an iPhone instead of a Blackberry.

Keystroker V2: Drive your co-workers insane in 2009 (if they aren’t already insane).  Thanks Ryan.

Introducing the BUGvonHippel! The gang at BugLabs has shipped the BugvonHippel module (named after MIT professor and my SM / Ph.D. advisor Eric von Hippel).  I first wrote about this in January 2008 – it’s awesome to see it released.

Bristol Palin’s boyfriend’s mom arrested in drug case: Even though this is completely and totally irrelevant, I couldn’t help myself.

Windows Live Writer 2009: Release Candidate: I love Windows Live Writer – I’ve been using it as my blog editor for a while.  The new RC is up on the web with fancy new UI and some fun features.

Will This Economy Finally Push the Toyota Way Into Software Development?  Good short thought piece about Agile software development highlighting Rally Software.  My friends at Rally have had an awesome year and I’m really proud of them.

More Companies Are Cutting Labor Costs Without Layoffs: Would you rather have layoffs or try some creative things like salary cuts, furloughs, four-day workweeks, elimination of 401k matches, and unpaid vacations?  While large companies are aggressively pursuing these options, it’s worth pondering for smaller companies that are flirting with trying to be cash flow positive.

See – no lists.  I didn’t even number these posts.