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Forward Looking Weekend Reading

Jan 31, 2009
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I view it as a good thing when people start writing about solutions rather than problems.  Here are several good ones for you today.

Remain Aggressive: Will Herman is a long time friend (we’ve known each other since 1984), a fantastic CEO, and a dynamite board member.  He’s also a huge Patriots fan so his Belichick quote: “If you’re not getting better, you’re getting worse” is expected.  He also reminds us of the old Warren Buffet standard: “Be fearful when others are greedy.  Be greedy when others are fearful.”  If you are a CEO, read carefully.

Focusing the Organization: I got to know Bill Flagg pretty well through the sale of RegOnline to Active.  I wish I’d gotten to know him earlier – he’s got a great brain for business.  He also makes a very strong case for “short, sweet, focused, and achievable” quarterly goals.

What is school for? I’m a daily reader of Seth Godin’s blog and a huge Seth fan, even since I met him at Yoyodyne in 1996.  #15 is especially charming (“defang the proletariat”) as is #27 (“make sure the sports teams have enough players”).  It’s vintage Seth in the path in which it takes your brain.

And – to end with some humor, here’s mega-endurance-man Dean Karnazes with When All Else Fails…