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Some Weekend Reading in Between Sleeping

Jan 18, 2009
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Amy is in Mexico on vacation with her sisters and I’ve been spending most of the weekend in bed.  Sleeping.  I twisted my ankle running on Tuesday and had an intense week so I think I’ve come down with a strange sleeping sickness that I’ll call “the ankle twist.” 

I did manage to read through my RSS feeds this morning and found some good stuff for you.

Forecasting Sales in 2009: Will Herman is a semi-retired spectacular entrepreneur and CEO.  He’s also an old friend who has put up with me since 1984.  Whenever he writes something on sales (or selling) I read it carefully.  So should you.

Creating Silos: Eric Norlin is blogging up a storm around his ideas for the Glue Conference.  His latest post talks about the endless proliferation of application and data silos in the enterprise and on the web – and what can be done about it.  Glue is happening on May 12-13 in Denver, Colorado – get sticky and register now – it’s only $395 (use the code “early1” and get $50 off.)

Some Company Rules: Walter Knapp, the COO of Lijit, espouses some rules for managers and non-managers.  I particularly like #589: No one is ever too busy to return an email.

Don’t hide behind your board: David Cohen talks why a CEO should never start any sentence with “The board said …” or “The board decided …”

WordCamp Denver (Feb 28th, 2009): WordCamp in coming to Denver for the first time, on February 28th.  Matt Mullenweg will be keynoting.  Alex King, one of Colorado’s WordPress developers extraordinaire, will be presenting on the Carrington Theme Framework. 

What makes a great salesman? Pete Warden is most of his way on his migration from LA to Boulder.  While he’s quick to state that he “really suck(s) at selling”, I think he’s protesting a little too much.  He has a great expose on why Ron Popeil (the “I can sell you anything infomercial guy”) is so good at selling.

It Doesnt Take Much: Micah Baldwin explores whether or not the Boulder tech scene is like high school and – if it is – what you can do to break into the clique of your choice.  One option – just email me.  Remember Walter’s rule #589.

Now I’m heading back upstairs to try to finish reading Daemon before I fall asleep again.