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Ask the VC Live – Raising Venture Capital and Beer

Feb 12, 2009
Category Education

My partner Jason Mendelson – who is also my co-conspirator in writing the blog AsktheVC – is having an open session called Crash Course – Raising Venture CapitalIt’s part of the Silicon Flatirons program and is happening on February 24th from 5:15pm to 6:45pm in Room 204 at the Wolf Law Building.  Jason says he’s going to cover:

Everything from what makes VCs tick, who are our bosses, what are things that you can do to improve your chances of receiving funding and things that many VCs don’t want to talk about.  No question is off limits and I hope that it will be a very interactive forum.  Consider this to be a live version of Ask The VC.

Of course, beer goes really well with stuff like this.  So BioBeers is hosting a Startup Drinks event at The Foundry starting at 6:30.  This isn’t at our office, although we are always amused when “The Foundry” gets confused with “Foundry Group”.  Rather, it’s across the street at The Foundry, 1109 Walnut Street.  Hoist a few for me as I’ll be in Seattle (more on that in a minute.)