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Book: The Wallstrip Edge

Feb 13, 2009
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I just read Howard Lindzon’s book The Wallstrip Edge: Using Trends to Make Money — Find Them, Ride Them, and Get Off.  It’s a really fun book – 200 pages of the inside of Howard’s brain.  There are so many things about Howard that I love including:

  • He is totally hilarious
  • He created Wallstrip, which was a successful investment for me (and him)
  • He understands how and when to use the word fuck
  • He twitters endlessly about his twittering (and stocks – especially Stocktwits, which he helped create)
  • Whenever I spend any time with Howard, I laugh at least once ever five minutes
  • He has this funny Canadian accent that is crossed with a weird Arizona semi-drawl spoken at a New Yorkers pace
  • He’s been a hugely helpful TechStars Mentor
  • He’s a self-proclaimed putz – and proud of it
  • He wrote about me in his book and was very flattering
  • He has a giant party in the spring called LindzonPalooza and schedules it on a weekend that I can never come
  • His blog is dynamite

I could keep going but you get the point.  If your path hasn’t intersected with Howard, you are missing out.  Howard will engage in a conversation with pretty much anyone, including my dad, so go for it.  And grab his book – it’ll give you a fresh perspective on public (and private) market investing.

Don’t take my word for it – take Fred Wilson’s.  On the back cover he says “When I first came across Howard, he had a blog called  But he is anything but a putz.  He’s among the smartest investors, both in the public and private markets, that I know.”  Howard also wrote nice things about Fred in his book, but Fred (and I) both gave the publisher our back cover quotes before we read the book.

Yup – Fred and I are card carrying members of the Howard Lindzon Fan Club.  Lindzonville is a terrific and endlessly hilarious place.