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The Durability of Swag From Feld Technologies

Feb 04, 2009

Every now and then I run across someone who is still using software that we wrote at Feld Technologies.  Some of this software dates back to 1987 – a fact that never ceases to amaze me.  And – no, I can no longer provide tech support at any price.


We didn’t have much swag at Feld Technologies.  In fact, I think the only swag we had, other than a few t-shirts which still make their appearance every now and then, is the mug pictured above.  A fraternity brother of mine from MIT emailed me this picture recently – apparently this mug sits on his desk and serves a very mug-like purpose. 

I remember how agonizing it was to buy these mugs.  Should we get 50?  100?  There was probably a price break at 200 and we even considered that.  Were they too plain?  Should we spend an extra $0.17 per mug and get a grey background to match our stationary?  Who should we give them to?  Should we charge for them?  Decisions, decisions.

Anyone recognize that font?