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101010 – Fun With Numbers

Mar 08, 2009

I love numbers.  I was thinking about numbers and dates on my run yesterday.  Here’s a few fun ones for you.

101010 – On 10/10/2010 the answer the life, the universe, and everything will be revealed.

030309 – Isn’t it fun to have square root day be “prime square root day”?  How many of them are there in the 21st century?  How about 02/02/04, 03/03/09, 05/05/25, 07/07/49.  That would be five.  So there are a prime number of prime square root days.

090909 – Number 9, Number 9, Number 9 is the day that the Beatles version of Rock Band is released.  As a special bonus it’s the second day of my Q3 off the grid vacation.

Got any other good ones for me?