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I Am Afraid of the Big Blue Horse at DIA

Mar 14, 2009
Category Places

Anyone who has driven to DIA has seen the mysterious big blue horse.  Yes – it has special powers.  It has killed before (its creator – Luis Jimenez) and may kill again.

I’ve just joined the I am afraid of the big blue horse at DIA Facebook group.  Here’s one of the best quotes from the wall.

Approaching DIA, my heart began to thump. Summoning all my resolution, I gave my Suby half a score of kicks to the gas pedal in an attempt to hasten my journey. At just that moment a splash of blue caught my eye. In the dark shadow of the field, on the margin of the airport, I beheld something blue, so blue, and towering, a gigantic monster ready to pounce upon this weary traveler. "What are you" I whispered, and received no reply. Agitated, I repeated my question. Pushing the gas pedal, I closed my eyes and uttered an involuntary psalm. I opened my eyes. The shadow took shape, a huge horse with powerful frame, whose eyes burned red and followed me, keeping pace. I rounded the curve, bringing the relief of the giant against the sky and I was horror-struck on perceiving it was…art? ~ Jenn Bma (Boulder)

I am – in general – afraid of horses so it’s appropriate that I am fucking terrified of the Big Blue Horse.  I am so glad Facebook has provided me with a place to find some new friends.  Thanks Jill for pointing this out to me.