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Nantucket Conference #10

Mar 31, 2009
Category Education

From April 30 to May 2, the 10th annual Nantucket Conference is happening on Nantucket Island in Massachusetts.  I haven’t been to a Nantucket Conference, but I’ve heard of it and have considered going in the past.  This year Scott Kirsner invited me to be on a panel and I happily accepted as I was already going to be in Boston for the TechStars Boston Mentor Dinner on April 30th before heading to Cincinnati to run the Flying Pig Marathon on May 3rd. 

I’m on a panel on Friday afternoon titled “How is the Venture World Changing” with Josh Kopelman (First Round Capital), Jo Tango (Kepha), and Paul Ciriello (Fairhaven).  Dan Primack, the creator of peHUB Wire will be moderating, so it’s guaranteed to be spicy.

The agenda and list of participants look great.  The conference is limited to around 150 people so rather than a 700 person noisefest it’ll be a neat opportunity to catch up with some long time east coast colleagues while meeting plenty of new smart people.

I’ve been told that there are only a dozen or so invitations left – if you are interested, feel free to request one.