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Where I Sleep

Mar 10, 2009
Category Places

I love living in Boulder.  But, I travel a lot.  And I like that also, especially when Amy comes with me.  I’m in Boston today for TechStars for a Day and then doing a bunch of stuff at MIT tomorrow.  Amy came with me and is doing her own thing at Wellesley.

I often get asked how much time I spend on the road versus at home.  I decided to track it – along with several other things (miles run, books read, and airplane flights) for 2009.  Following is where I have slept so far this year as of 3/10/09.

Boulder is obviously the big winner so far, but expect a lot more nights in Seattle, San Fran, LA, and Boston.  And probably a few in Chicago and New York.  I’m using Daytum to track this – it’s intensely cool.  I just wish it knew how to import data.