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Pitch Me At The Glue Conference

Apr 01, 2009
Category Education

Today, my partner Seth Levine, Eric Norlin, and I cooked up the idea to Pitch Brad and Seth at Glue.  If you are an entrepreneur working in the area we define as Glue we’d love to spend some time with you at the Glue Conference.  Here are the rules according to Eric:

  1. Register for Glue.  (use “pitch1″ to take $100 off of the price.)
  2. Shoot me [enorlin AT] (or Brad) a paragraph describing what you wanna pitch.
  3. Brad and Seth will pick 6 startups.
  4. Your pitch will be 5 minutes (in a room with just them; no “big stage” pressure), and 5 minutes of honest feedback.
  5. If you register and don’t get picked, fear not — the guys have vowed to make themselves uber-available during Glue (for a hallway pitch).

If you aren’t aware of the history of the Glue Conference and the Defrag Conference, they both came out of our desire at Foundry Group to participate in focused conferences around themes that we are currently investing in (Defrag emerged from the Implicit Web theme; Glue emerged from Glue theme.)  We couldn’t find any conferences like this so we decided to try to create them.  We got lucky and found Eric Norlin (or – more accurately – he found us) and he has turned out to be a master at putting these types of conferences together.

Our fundamental goals were to hang out with super smart people working in these areas, help build and facilitate a community of thought leaders around the specific themes, mix it up some so that people could stretch their thinking, contribute where we can, and learn a ton.  We’ve accomplished these goals, and much more, and are excited to be about to announce a new investment we are in the process of closing that came out of a relationship developed at last year’s Defrag Conference.

At the minimum, if you participate in Pitch Brad and Seth at Glue, we guarantee you focused, blunt, and thoughtful feedback.  After that, who knows where it will lead!