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Two Entrepreneurs Under One Roof

Apr 07, 2009

I’m having a blast working with Mark Pincus on Zynga, his latest creation.  Mark embodies so many things to love about an entrepreneur, including relentless energy and an endless drive to move his business forward.

So, it was with glee that I found out that Ali, Mark’s new wife (still less than a year) was working on her own startup.  I figured it was good newlywed payback for Mark as he’d now have to split the “complain to spouse about pressures of creating a company” 50/50 with Ali.

Ali’s new business – One Kings Lane – launched last week.  One Kings Lane is an invitation-required, online shopping destination, featuring designer home goods at exclusive prices (up to 70% off retail). It offers members privileged access to home furnishings of the highest quality at incredible value.

Daily Candy digs it.  What more could you want out of life?