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Glue and Medialets

May 12, 2009
Category Investments

I’m at the Glue Conference today.  The room is packed with a bunch of great folks, including a large contingent of locals (thanks guys – especially the BDNT crowd!)  So far we’ve heard from Josh Elman (Facebook) on “Gluing together the web via the Facebook Platform” and Aaron Fulkerson (Mindtouch) on “What is Web Oriented Architecture?”  Andre Durand (Ping Identity) is up now talking about “How Identity Makes the Future Internet Possible”.  Great stuff so far – follow along at #gluecon OR #glue.

Earlier this morning we announced our investment in Medialets.  My partner Seth Levine who joined their board talks about it more in his post titled Medialets as does Medialets on their blog in Medialets Raises $4m Series A Financing.  Remember FeedBurner?  Think FeedBurner, but for mobile apps.  If you make an iPhone app and want to be happier, email me and I’ll set you up.

But wait.  There’s more.  Be patient young jedi and all will be revealed.