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Sarychev Peak Volcano in Stereo

Jun 25, 2009

The web (and the universe) is an amazing place.  My sister-in-law Laura turned me on NASA’s “Astronomy Picture of the Day” website.  I bookmarked it and put it in my Daily folder so I get a cool new picture from NASA every day. While the web site has that late 1990’s look and feel, the pictures are stunning.

See Explanation.  Clicking on the picture will download
 the highest resolution version available.

This is the June 12th eruption of the Sarychev Peak Volcano as photographed from the International Space Station (400 km above Earth).  Lest we forget, we are a very small species on a very small planet in a very large universe.  Try not to take yourself too seriously today – if you start, just ponder this photo.