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Watching People Come of Age

Jul 03, 2009
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One of the most satisfying parts of what I do is getting to work with people over a long period of time, starting early in their careers.  It’s one of the things I love about TechStars, but it’s not limited to that as I have many other relationships with young and first time entrepreneurs.

Last night, at Ignite Boulder 5, I had a permagrin on my face as I thought about the amazing job Andrew Hyde was doing.  I first met Andrew a few years ago when we started TechStars – he basically volunteered to hang out with a video camera for free all summer to film stuff and learn.  He was so hugely helpful that it was easy to bring him on board the TechStars team in year two as the community manager.

I attended Ignite Boulder 2 and had a great time.  But last night – #5 – just blew me away.  700-ish people in the Boulder Theater, enormous energy, endless laughter and brain stimulation, and just a very good time.  Andrew organized a phenomenal show and really shined as the organizer / MC.

But TechStars and Ignite Boulder are not the only things Andrew does.  He also created Startup Weekend (I was at the first one in Boulder) and he was one of the founders of And – with Matt Emmi of One Button -created the hilariously creative VC Wear t-shirt line (my favorite: “I went down on Sand Hill Road”.)

But wait, there’s more.  Andrew is everywhere in the Boulder startup community while managing to travel all over the world sharing his brand of entrepreneurial passion.  I don’t ever think I’ve seen Andrew without a smile on his face, and he’s even gracious when he kicks my butt in ping poing.

It’s been awesome to see Andrew come of age as a key driver of our local entrepreneurial community.  Good job man!