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A Random Hodgepodge of Daily Reading

Aug 16, 2009
Category Books

Tired of the health care debate?  There’s a ton of other great stuff out there today.  Here’s some of the things I came across on my Sunday morning pre-run scan of all things web.

A Laser Strike at the Galactic Center: I like to learn at least one new thing every day.  The Astronomy Picture of the Day site insures this happens.  Today I learned about our Galactic Center and very powerful lasers that create artificial stars.  This is something for my Boulder Hack friends to aspire to.

Financial Times Feels Vindicated by Web Strategy: Does anyone actually believe any of this?  Does anyone find it ironic that this article is in the New York Times.  I wonder when a black hole is going to emerge and swallow the newspaper industry because of all its self-referential articles.

Scanning Headlines: Now this is more like it.  Maybe the Financial Times will learn something from Fred Wilson.  Oh – and when I page around on the Financial Times site, they appear to give me access to everything (I’m 20 clicks in and still haven’t been asked to sign up to pay.)

Editorial: X Could Learn a Lot from Vista, Windows 7:  Articles like this entertain me.  Every time I’ve ended up using a computer that runs Gnome on top of Ubuntu, I think of things like this.  Well – not really.

How To Fly Without ID: Awesome description of the real truth behind “has your bag been unattended; have you accepted gifts from a stranger; can I see your identification please?”  I’m not flying on an airplane again until September, but I’m definitely going to try some of this when I do and see if I can increase the level of harassment I receive from the airlines.

Caution: Disruption Happening: Very smart post by Micah Baldwin about disruption, some of the TechStars Boulder 2009 companies, and comic books.

The Flawed Terms in VC Deals: Suddenly VC terms seem to be an issue again.  I haven’t ever been able to figure out what drives the cycle of interest / non-interest here, but when I ran across the article Ensure VCs don’t drag you out of your venture immediately after I knew there was at least a trend.

Weinsteins Struggle to Regain Their Touch: If you are a Tarantino fan and are excited about Inglorious Basterds, read this article to find out why this is such an important movie for the Weinsteins’ empire.

I’ve always wanted to use the word hodgepodge in a title of a blog post.  I wonder if I’ll make the first page on Google – there’s not much competition other than some definitions and a few stores.