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Occipital Consults OBE-1

Aug 04, 2009
Category Techstars

This is an exciting week for TechStars Boulder as Thursday is Investor / Demo Day.  As I was getting reacquainted with the early morning view from my condo in Boulder and pondered the great town I live it, I came across a few fun things.


First was a long post from the guys at Occipital (TechStars Boulder 2008) titled 2009 at Occipital: From the Hangar to the Crawler.  In this post, Occipital reminisces about the path they’ve traveled so far this year, including the creation of RedLaser, ClearCam, and OBE-1 (the Occipital Business Engine).  Look for another really interesting thing from them later this week.

Occipital Update from Jeffrey Powers on Vimeo.

Todd Vernon, the CEO of Lijit, wrote about his experience moving Lijit from “the burbs” (ok Louisville) to downtown Boulder in his post Does Startup Location Matter?  As someone who had an office in Superior for six years before moving to downtown Boulder, I completely agree with Todd’s view of “Now after another year of Lijit under my belt and exposure to Boulder I get it and would never go back to remote model. What changed?” Read the post for Todd’s answer.

If you are coming to Boulder for TechStars Investor / Demo Day, I look forward to seeing you!