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The More Things Change …

Aug 11, 2009

Some mornings I come across a blog post from a friend that breaks my mind – in a good way.  Today’s post from Todd Vernon titled My 100 year hobby was one such post.  Look at the picture below.

The picture on the left is Central City, Colorado from around 100 years ago.  The picture on the right is it from last weekend.  Todd describes how he put the shot together and makes a few observations about Central City, Blackhawk, and the Colorado Central Railroad.  He even manages to weave a reference to the Internet into his post, along with some comments on trees (note the absence of them on the left on the hill in the background.)

I run a lot in the mountains around Boulder and I live in a canyon that has been around for a very long time.  I’ve seen plenty of old pictures – it’s fascinating to me to juxtapose them with current pictures.  It’s just the other side of the augmented reality coin.

Oh – did anyone notice the M&A and IPO markets seem to be back?  It suddenly feels a lot like 2006 / 2007 in the tech world.  At least for this week.