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@2gov and The Founders Visa Movement

Sep 19, 2009
Category Government

I received an overwhelming response to my post last week titled The Founders Visa Movement. There were tons of comments – both positive and negative (many constructive on both sides), lots of emails, and plenty of tweets.  I sent the comment thread on to the senior staffer in my congressman’s office who I was talking to and got a thoughtful response from him.

I’ve got a series of calls set up this week to talk with several other of my congressmen (and women).  In addition, we are in the final stages of getting a CU Law student to intern with us at Foundry Group on this project to help pull together more substantive material, options, data, and support (we hope to announce this next week).  There is no question in my mind, after hearing the response and thinking about this more, that the time to do something about this is right now.

This morning I woke up to Eric Ries’ post titled Support the Startup Founder Visa with a tweet. Eric is in DC with Dave McClure and the GeeksOnaPlane DC/Europe 2009 trip.  In his post, Eric talks about the Founder Visa idea, discusses an approach to modifying the EB-5 visa, and points to a project called @2gov where you can register your support for this via Twitter.

So – if you want to help and get involved, go take a look at @2gov and tweet away.