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Defrag 2009 – Your Locally Owned Restaurant of Tech Conferences

Sep 29, 2009
Category Education

Defrag 2009 is happening in Denver on November 11th and 12th.  As this is Defrag’s third year, I can say with great confidence that it will be an amazing experience.  I’ve watched Eric Norlin orchestrate two Defrag’s and one Glue conference and he is a master at the small, intimate, high quality tech conference.  The simple metaphor for Defrag versus all of the other tech conferences that exist can be summarized in one question: “Would you rather eat at TGI Fridays or the family owned restaurant, where the owner brings the food to your table?

The agenda is taking shape on the web site.  As is Eric’s style he’ll keep fiddling with it until the actual event.  He recently wrote a post about the keynotes which include Andy Kessler, Lili Cheng, Chris Sacca, John Winsor, Scoble + Bruggeman, Feld + Wilson + Lindzon + Ehrenberg + Tybur, Paul Kedrosky, and Searls + Locke + Levine + Rangaswami.  Go read Eric’s post for more details including info on the “fragments’” from Stowe Boyd, Anil Dash, Kevin Marks, Jeff Dachis, and Kim Cameron.  Or look at some of the topical explorations being led by Andrea Baker, Dan Neely, Micah Baldwin, Maggie Fox, and Laura Fitton.

Eric always has a bunch of tricks up his sleeve as the event gets closer – I know a few of them and they are doozies – but am also pleasantly surprised every year.  In an email today explaining one of them to me, Eric said “this year’s Defrag is going to make the other Defrag’s look like child’s play on the content side.”  And – for any of you that attended the past Defrag’s, you can confirm that the content was some of the best that is out there.

Eric is running an end of September discount – if you register today or tomorrow and use the code septspecial1 you will get $300 of the normal registration price.  This is the cheapest it gets so if you are thinking about coming, decide now and register.

All four of the Foundry Group partners will be there – come join us for two great days.