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Events Next Week That I’m At

Sep 24, 2009
Category Education

As I continue to walk the earth, like Caine in Kung-Fu, I’m enjoying another early morning in Mountain View.  I look forward to getting back home to Boulder late tonight, just in time to have avoided the crummy weather this week.

Next week has plenty of walking the earth, starting in Boulder, then Mountain View, then Boston, then back to Boulder.  I’ve had a number of requests to publish an “event calendar” of stuff I’m doing that’s public – look for that on this blog soon.  In the mean time, following is info about where I’ll be and what I’ll be up to in case you want to come hang out with me.

Monday 9/28 (Boulder): Entrepreneurs Unplugged with Niel Robertson (founder – Service Metrics, Newmerix, Trada).  Last year I was a participant in the CU Silicon Flatirons Entrepreneurs Unplugged series.  This year I am the moderator / interviewer.  On Monday I’ll spend an hour asking Niel Roberston questions about his amazing career to date.  I’ve been – first thought Mobius and now through Foundry Group – an investor in each of the three companies Niel has founded and have known / worked with Niel since 1996 when I met him as an engineer straight out of MIT working at NetGenesis (I was chairman of NetGenesis at the time.)  Niel is a superb serial entrepreneur who has seen huge success as well as plenty of failure and has developed a unique and insightful view on how to run a VC-backed company as founder / CEO.  Come help us kick off the first of this year’s Silicon Flatirons Entrepreneurs Unplugged events.

Wednesday 9/30 (Mountain View): TechStars Bay Area Demo Day: As I wrote about last week, we’re going to have our annual TechStars Bay Area Demo Day at the Microsoft Silicon Valley Conference Center.  The event is only for accredited angel investors and VCs – if you are interested in attending drop me an email for an invitation.

Thursday 10/1 (Boston): MassTLC Innovation 2009 Unconference: Ah – Virgin American redeyes – how I love you.  I also wrote several weeks ago about the MassTLC Innovation Unconference.  I’m psyched about this event – created by Bill Warner (who was instrumental in bringing TechStars to Boston) – now in it’s second year.  For a taste of last year’s event, take a look at a great three minute video.  Plus, if you come, you get to see me totally ragged out from the redeye (which I’m getting too old to do, at least according to Amy – and my body.)

Friday 10/2 (Boulder): Boco: I finish the week in Boulder at a new event that Andrew Hyde has cooked up.  Boco is “a mountain conference about the best things in tech, music, and food with the charm of Boulder.”  There is a very cool list of presenters and the agenda is shaping up nicely.  Register, attend, and help us make the first year a success.

After the week is done, I’m heading up to Keystone for the weekend to work with David Cohen on a top secret special project.  And play Beatles Rock Band.  And sleep.