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Sep 07, 2009
Category Places

I had a great flight home from LA on Southwest Airlines on Friday.  My boycott on United has been going pretty well, but Amy and I are flying on it tomorrow to New York as it seems to be the only reasonable way to get from Denver to New York.  I’m pessimistic.  Plus I have a nasty cold so that’ll just make it more enjoyable.

But – I digress.  When I got off the plane I went to the bathroom.  As I lined up in my little stall next to 10 of my newest friends, I noticed that five of them had either iPhone’s or BlackBerry’s out and were typing as they went about their business.  Now – I’ll admit to doing this occasionally, but in this particular case I was kind of stunned by the density of the juxtaposition of peeing and smartphones.

It dawned on me that while most were probably checking their email (it’s really super urgent you know), a few might be tweeting their location – or – better yet – checking in with Foursquare (“DIA Terminal C Men’s Bathroom”).  Yeah – that sounds kind of weird.   I’m betting there isn’t an app for that.  Yet.