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Rally Agile Success Tour Continues

Sep 06, 2009
Category Investments

My friends at Rally Software continue to grow like crazy.  As the Agile software development methodologies goes mainstream, Rally continues to lead the market in providing Agile application lifecycle management (ALM) software.

One of the things Rally has been doing as part of “bringing Agile to the masses” is the Rally Agile Success Tour.  As a recent attendee at one of the events said:

"I thought this would be a Rally sales pitch… It was most definitely not that."

If you are an Agile practitioner or interested in learning more about Agile, the Rally Agile Success Tour has stops in Boston on 9/17, Seattle on 10/1, Chicago on 10/15, and London on 10/29.  The cool thing is that rather than hearing a sales pitch, you’ll hear real customer stories from the likes of AOL, Constant Contact, Sermo, BMC, Microsoft, Boeing, and Getty Images.

When I invested in Rally in 2003, I was betting on the notion that Agile would go mainstream within a reasonable period of time.  It has and I’m super proud of the company the Rally gang has created.