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Great Ray Kurzweil Interview

Oct 15, 2009
Category The Future

Dell has put up a new site called Motherboard that I don’t totally understand the point of, but I very much enjoyed the interview with Ray Kurzweil. 

Kurzweil has always been a hero of mine ever since I first hear of him when I was at MIT in the mid-1980’s.  I’ve never worked with Ray although I got to know his business partner Aaron Kleiner near the end of my time in Boston.  I’ve observed Ray from afar, read his books, and thought about his thinking.  I find all of it, including the notion of the Singularity and his goal of living long enough to be able to live forever, very compelling.

Watching the interview I realized that I’ve been out of the flow of an area that is really interesting to me.  I have no idea how much, if any, will show up on this blog (or in our investing), but look for more of it.