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Time To Sign Up For Defrag

Oct 27, 2009
Category Education

The Defrag Conference in Denver is just around the corner – November 11 and 12 to be exact.  Eric Norlin has put together a remarkable agenda for this one including an incredible closing panel titled Cluetrain at 10 starring JP Rangaswami, Chris Locke, Doc Searls, and Rick Levine.  This will celebrate the 10th anniversary of the The Cluetrain Manifesto and as far as I understand is the first time in a decade that Chris, Doc, and Rick have shared the stage. If we are lucky, Rick might even bring us some Seth Ellis Chocolates.

I’ll be there the entire time as will my Foundry Group partners.  Last year at Defrag was the first time I spent any time with TA McCann and that worked out pretty well for Gist (at least so far) – who knows, maybe this year will be someone else’s turn.

In the spring just before the Glue Conference, I offered up a group dinner event at a Boulder NewTech Meetup for anyone in Colorado that attended.  A bunch of people ended up coming and I never followed through on the event.  I’ve finally started to get my act together – we’re going to do an event in The Bunker (with lots of food and booze) in the January time frame.  As a special bonus, I’m going to open it up to anyone from Colorado that also comes to Defrag (no – you don’t get two events if you went to Glue also, but I’ll give you a hug.)

But wait, there’s more.  Use the discount code “fndry1” to get 20% off of your registration.