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Oblong – An Example of Investing In The Future

Nov 02, 2009
Category Investments

We’ve been investors in Oblong since 2007 and I’ve talked about them regularly on this blog including a post titled I’ve Seen The Future from my first meeting with them.  I’ve known two of the founders – John Underkoffler and Kevin Parent – since we lived together at MIT (we all lived in a fraternity called ADP on Mass Ave. at the same time, along with a bunch of other entrepreneurs including Colin Angle – the founder of iRobot and Jeet Singh / Joe Chung – the founders of ATG.)

A few months ago my partner Jason Mendelson was introduced to a reporter from Bloomberg who was looking for “innovative companies to interview” for an upcoming Bloomberg TV series called Bloomberg Innovators.  Jason immediately thought of Oblong and made the introduction. 

Bloomberg Innovators has four thirty minute episodes – the first one titled Turning Point is about Oblong.  In addition to highlighting the amazing stuff the gang at Oblong is doing, the show takes you through the history of how the innovation that is called Oblong’s g-speak Spatial Operating Environment was created.  As part of this, you get to see some pictures of John Underkoffler 20+ years ago in the Media Lab working on the Luminous Room along with some background on John’s work on the movie Minority Report.

If you are interested in how innovations evolve, the future of human computer interaction, Oblong, how some VCs think about investing in the future, or just want to have your mind blown with some amazing stuff, spend 30 minutes enjoying the show.

Bloomberg TV doesn’t allow embeds, so you’ll have to launch Bloomberg Innovators: Turning Point from here.