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Procrastinating On A Sunday Afternoon

Jan 24, 2010
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While the rest of the US is watching football, I thought I’d sit quietly at my house and catch up on some writing, most notably what David Cohen, Entrepreneur Magazine, and a few other special people are waiting for from me.  However, before I dig into that, I thought I’d procrastinate by catching up on some reading from the week and, motivated by a few interesting things I came across, stall a little more by writing this blog post summarizing the interesting things I came across today.

More (Steve) Jobs, Jobs, Jobs, Jobs: Let’s start out with an absolute must read Op-Ed by Thomas Friedman.  Read it to find out why we should start calling 2010 the year of innovation, or more cleverly – the year to “Start-Up America.”

My Dad and the Story of the Stolen Stamp Collection: My dad and I are writing a series of letters to each other on our blogs.  His second one is up and it’s the story of what happened to my stamp collection in sixth grade and how we addressed it together.  I remember this like it was yesterday – it was a very formative experience for me that heavily influenced my view on directly confronting bad actors as well as the importance of honesty.

Bill Gates is blogging: When he first launched his blog, there was no RSS feed.  There is now.

5 Minutes With OpenView Venture Partners: Mark Solon at Highway 12 Ventures has a nice Q&A up on his blog with Scott Maxwell and George Roberts at OpenView Partners.  I’m good friends with Mark and Scott; Highway 12 and OpenView are co-investors in Balihoo, and I’m a small investor in OpenView Partners. Good stuff.

We Believe in Magic: Last week Memeo (we are investors) released Memeo Connect for Google Apps.  You can now access your Google Apps docs from the desktop as well as sync them to the cloud.  Automagically.  Like Magic.  Memeo explains why and how.  If you are a Google Apps (Docs) user, this is for you!

Founder Dating Seattle, Boulder: Seattle has Founder Dating on 2/9; Boulder has it on 2/10 right before Ignite Boulder. Brilliant.

Open Angel Forum Colorado – Feb 3 FAQs: OAFCO is heating up – all five sponsorships are sold out, the list of angels coming is great, and we are sorting through a nice list of companies that we are inviting.  If you are interested in attending as an angel or presenting as a company, just wander over to the FAQ.

What I really feel like doing is laying on the coach, eating a mango popsicle, and reading some mental floss.  Fortunately I downloaded Stuart Woods latest book Kisser yesterday.