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Silicon Flatiron Events in January 2010

Jan 04, 2010
Category Education

Well, the world is back at work (as evidenced by the 327 new emails I got today).  And my friends at Silicon Flatirons at CU Boulder are cranking up the head with Crash Courses, Entrepreneurs Unplugged, and Workshops.

1/13/10: 6-8pm @ Wolf: Crash Course: How to Build a Company by Jason Mendelson followed with a “Start-up Internships” networking event for local startups looking for CU students interested in internship opportunities. 

1/25/10: 6:15-7:15pm @ Wolf: Entrepreneurs Unplugged With Ryan Martens (Founder/CTO) and Tim Miller (CEO) of Rally Software.  I’ll be interviewing Ryan and Tim about their experiences with Avitek (their first company together), BEA (which acquired Avitek in 1999), and Rally Software – their second company together which had a spectacular 2009 and is poised for an even better 2010.  Don’t forget to ask them about the really cool thing that they announced between the time I wrote this blog post and 1/25/10.

1/27/10: 6-7pm @ ATLAS: Workshop: Your Market: Connecting with your Customers by Tom Keller.  Tom was most recently the CEO of Intense Debate (a TechStars 2007 company that was acquired by Automattic, the makers of WordPress).  In addition to talking about marketing, Tom might drop a hint or two about his next gig which he’s getting started with the new year.

There is plenty more coming, but don’t miss these – I think they’ll all be great ones.