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Inside Out

Jul 07, 2010
Category Books

Tonight’s book was Inside Out by Barry Eisler, one of my favorite mental floss writers.  Several (four?) years ago when Amy and I were up in Homer, we became obsessed with Eisler’s John Rain books.  I miss John Rain but if foreshadowing is to be believed, I expect the next Eisler book will include both Rain and his sidekick Dox.

If you like Eisler, Inside Out is fast paced and fun. I found it appropriately cynical about torture, the government, and everything else that was covered, except for the one gratuitous and fully predictable sex scene which was nicely done.

Time for something serious tomorrow – I’m finally going to take on something I’ve been promising the author I’d read for about three months.  Oh – and I am doing a run in the morning and P90X Legs and Back and Ab Ripper in the late afternoon no matter what.  Yoga, on the other hand, isn’t happening tomorrow.