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Triggit Is Looking for Serious C / C++ / Hadoop Devs in San Francisco

Jul 06, 2010
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More jobs – this time in San Francisco.  We recently invested in Triggit – my partner Seth blogged about our investment and the rise of real time bidding platforms and we put up a post about Triggit on the Foundry Group blog.

Triggit is one of a group of recently emerging companies called demand side platforms (DSP) that provide technology to advertisers enabling them to buy display media across millions of websites.   Triggit specializes in using a technology called real time bidding where they bid on and run the ads you see in real time as you move across the web.  In the milliseconds that it takes your browser to request a new website, Triggit is looking at your ad impression for its customers and determining how much you are worth, what ad to serve, submitting a bid and tracking the results.   Even more interestingly they do this billions of times a day around the world.

Needless to say the technology sitting inside Triggit is what engineers would call a nice hard problem.  How do you build and operate a system that makes complex decisions in less then 50 milliseconds with a global QPS soon to be measured in the hundreds of thousands?   If you are the sort of engineer that gets excited by this type of scale and latency then Triggit is hiring. They are looking for engineers with experience building large-scale, distributed systems in C / C++, data guys and gals familiar with the Hadoop eco-system and a Rails programmer. Bonus points if there are copies of W. Richard Stevens books under your pillow. If this sounds interesting you can apply to or visit Triggit’s website to learn more.