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An Alternative For The Mac Address Book App?

Aug 11, 2010

I’ve been all Mac for the past six weeks and in general I’m loving everything about it.  I am, however, starting to bump into a few things that are stinky.

The Mac Address Book is one of them.  Mail and iCal are good, but Address Book just sucks.  I’m constrained by an Exchange server on the back end which is nicely abstracted away across all my devices (multiple computers, iPad, iPhone).  My actual contact database is just fine, it’s just that the Address Book app is incredible weak.

Is there a known alternative out there other than using an entirely different mail client such as Entourage, Thunderbird, or Zimbra?  I just want a better Address Book – I don’t want to change Mail and Calendar.

No, Ross, you can’t have your $100 back.