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TechStars 2011 Startup Madness Tournament

Mar 07, 2011
Category Techstars

Who said March Madness was only for college basketball fans? I’m a proud nerd, am pretty good at basketball, but my college team (MIT) never ahem did much in March so I missed out on the whole March Madness thing in college. So, I’m psyched that I get to play TechStars 2011 Startup Madness this march.

We are picking 64 companies to participate. To qualify, you must enter by March 9th and meet the following requirements.

  • Haven’t raised funding of $250,000 or more and haven’t generated revenue of more than $250,000 in a single year.
  • Have a live, usable public site or an accessible demo on their home page
  • Have not already been in the TechStars program – this is not for TechStars companies or alumni companies
  • Must be an internet, software, or hi-tech company

You can nominate a startup on the Startup Madness page or just tweet out the following (replace @ENTRANT with the twitter handle for the company.)

Hey @TechStars, I nominate @ENTRANT for the @StartupMadness Tournament

And yes, there are awards – a lot of them. Over $25,000 worth. Again, go to the Startup Madness page to see them.

Bring March Madness – of a different kind – to nerdville.