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Quit Sucking At Excel

May 03, 2011

Microsoft Excel and our brains have a lot in common. We all use them, but only to about 10% capacity.

Today I’m offering a solution on Brad Feld’s Amazing Deals from a startup called Excel Everest. These guys can teach you how to use Excel by offering a 20 hour interactive tutorial on the fine points of spreadsheets. Their class is normally $35, but through the magic of daily deals, I’m bringing it to you for only $14 (PC / Windows only). Think of it as getting a class on Excel from my partner Seth, who is the best Excel god I know, for only $0.70 / hour.

Almost all of us are guilty of firing up a spreadsheet and limiting ourselves to just a few basic functions. Spreadsheet proficiency for $14 seems like a steal to me. Once you make your purchase, just head over to the Excel Everest website, plug in your voucher code, and you’re ready to recalculate your spreadsheet knowledge.