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The Onion Comes To Boulder And Is Renamed The Prairie Dog

Jul 12, 2011
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We all love The Onion, right? It’s the best news right after Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert.

We also all love Boulder. Those of us that live here love making fun of ourselves and our town because, well, there’s a lot to make fun of.

The Prairie Dog is Boulder’s home grown version of The Onion. And it is hilarious. Some sample headlines follow:

  • Oklahoma lashes out, accuses Colorado of being “anorexic”
  • Republican spotted on Pearl street, children alerted
  • Local venture capitalist raises alarm when magic 8 ball goes missing from desk
  • After years of derision, gluten declares intolerance for Boulder

You get the idea. The posts are still short but artfully (and sharply) worded. I love it. Thanks @djilk for the tip.

And where’s my fucking magic 8 ball – who took it? Give it back please.