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Shirt Competition: Brad Feld vs. Warren Katz

Nov 15, 2019
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For almost 30 years, I’ve shared a huge number of life experiences with Warren Katz.

Yesterday, I did a breakfast AMA at Cooley’s office near La Jolla with the Techstars MDs and PMs from the western half of the US. At the end of the hour, we were presented with the above video from Warren as the final word on a question that is on everyone at Techstars’ mind.

I suppose if I used Facebook, I’d post this there. But I don’t, so it lives here for all of posterity.

I just showed it to Amy and she laughed out loud four times during the four minutes, which is a record for her since she doesn’t really understand humor very well. But, like me, she adores Warren. And his shirts.