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Simply Begin Again

Jan 01, 2020
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Public Service Announcement: According to the Farmer’s Almanac, the American Astronomical Society, and the US Naval Observatory, today is not the beginning of a new decade. Rather, that would be 1/1/21. If you write software, you’ll recognize that it’s a classic fencepost error. If you are a philosophy major like Amy, you’ll tell me that a decade is “any ten year period of time, starting whenever you want it to.”

Regardless, happy Julien New Year.

My motto for v54 is Simply Begin Again.

Today is a perfect day to try it.

If your business had a crummy December, Q4, or even 2019, simply begin again.

If you had a fight with a close friend, call her up and apologize. And simply begin again.

If you are mad at someone, let your anger go. Call him up and simply begin again.

If you have fallen out of your exercise, meditation, reading, writing or any other rhythm, simply begin again.

If you drank too much last night and are hungover, simply begin again.

If you are confused about what you are doing, or unhappy about how you are spending your time, simply begin again.

If you are stuck with whatever you are working on, simply begin again.

If you are having any issue anywhere on anything, simply begin again.

Whether you think the new decade starts today or in almost 367 days, simply begin again.