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BIPOC Artists in Colorado

Mar 22, 2021
Category Art

Amy and I have been collecting contemporary art since we started dating in 1990. Every morning at our place in Aspen, over morning coffee, we get to enjoy this amazing piece by Julie Maren.

When I wrote the original post, I got a short email from Phi Pham.

I hope you’ll be mindful of collecting art from Black and POC artists too! 

My response was:

We have some, but not mindfully. For example, we are a huge collector of Emilio Lobato.

It’s a good reminder.

Do you have any recommendations for artists in the Western US who are Black or POC?

A few months later, I got another email from Phil with an amazing list that was compiled by Phil and his sister with help from Hannah Leathers and Solomon “Solo” Muhammad,

Thomas Evans- detour303
Moe Gram- mi_moegram
Jaime Molina- cuttyup
Gregg Deal- greggdeal
Rogelio Muñoz-Vargas- rogeliomunozvargas
Danielle SeeWalker- seewalker_art
Pol Corona- polcorona
Giovannie- justcreatedit
Myah Mazcara- myahmazcara
Chelsea Lewinski- chelsealewinski
Diana “Didi” Contreras- didirok
Alicia DeOlivera Cardenas- tribalmurals
Santiago Jaramillo- santixochitl
Anthony Garcia Sr.- birdseedanthony
Casey Kawaguchi- caseykawaguchi
Sasha the kid-sasha.the.kid
Solomon Muhammad
Kesia King
Demetrius Lazar Williams

Phil, Hannah, and Solo – thanks for the great list.