Brad Feld

Tag: avalon ventures

Congrats to my friends at Avalon Ventures on raising their new $200 million fund.  I’ve been friends with and co-invested with Rich Levandov, one of Avalon’s partners, since the mid-1990’s, most recently in Standing Cloud, Zynga, and NewsGator.  I’ve gotten to know several of Rich’s partners over the past few years and recently had a wonderful Do More Faster book tour dinner hosted at Avalon’s San Diego office by Kevin Kinsella (a fellow MIT-grad turned VC.)

In conjunction with their financing, Avalon just rolled out a new website designed by Slice of Lime.  Slice of Lime is a Boulder-based firm that we work closely with that was founded around 2000 by Kevin Menzie and Jeff Rodanski and then joined by my brother Daniel Feld a few years ago.  We love their work (they designed our Foundry Group website) and they’ve done other VC firms sites, including Bridgescale.

If you are a VC firm and want a refresh on your website, drop the guys at Slice of Lime an email – I’m sure they’d be happy to hear from you.  And keep your eyes out for some fun additional news from Avalon soon.