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Emily Eveleth, a favorite artist of mine and Amy’s, was profiled in the Boston Globe this weekend in an article titled It’s Time To Paint The Doughnuts.  My long time friend Shawn Broderick (who runs TechStars Boston) knows about our Emily doughnut obsession and pointed it out to me.


Amy and I are huge collectors of Emily’s work and have tons of doughnuts, some hula hoops, and as of this month, a magic eight ball and a dinosaur which Amy bought for me as my life dinner present on July 1 this year.)




If you want a quick feel for her art, a Google Image Search on Emily Eveleth will give you several pages of doughnuts.  I asked Amy how many she thought we had in our collection – she guessed 10.  Yum.

Amy wrote a post in 2005 titled Emily Eveleth Paintings that has one of our hula hoops on it.  She also pointed to the two galleries that we buy Eveleth’s from – Howard Yezerski Gallery in Boston and the Danese Gallery in New York.  They are both awesome galleries – if you are in either city stop by and take a look.


My favorite Emily Eveleth moment was a Zippy the Pinhead cartoon from 1994 which I’ve been trying to find forever.  Of course, it’s there – front and center on Emily Eveleth’s bio page!


Now I’m hungry for doughnut.