Brad Feld

Tag: evergreen ip

A few years ago, several friends started a company called Evergreen IP to help inventors commercialize their consumer innovations.  I participated in the financing as an angel investor (it was during the period of time between funds where I was once again making angel investments) and since then they have commercialized several products and spun off several companies, including my favorite, TrashCo, which makes a product called Flings

First off, how could you NOT love a company named TrashCo?  Seriously, what a great name.  While my talent around my obsession with the product is limited to products made out of bits, I can appreciate a good product made out of atoms. 

In this case, Flings’ Pop-Up Recycling and Trash Bins are sweet.  And they are available at most Safeway stores in Seattle, Portland, and Northern CA; at most Vons in Southern CA; at most HEB’s in Texas; and at all Price Choppers in New York State/Western CT.  And, of course, on Amazon (enter coupon code EARTHD25 and get 25% off through the end of May.)

Do my friends at TrashCo a solid and try ‘em out.  I wonder if they know that one of the early names (at least in my head) for Foundry Group was VentureCo.