Brad Feld

Tag: extrovert

About once a year I completely use up my extrovert capacity.  I drain it completely to zero.  Whenever this happens, I remember that I’m fundamentally an introvert.  If you don’t know how to relate to someone like me when he goes into deep introvert mode, take a look at the great Atlantic Monthly article from 2003 titled “Caring for Your Introvert.”

The last sixty days have been awesome but extremely intense. My ordinarily full days had the Do More Faster book tour layered on top along with a bunch of other public appearances, interviews, speaking engagements, and events.  About two weeks ago I started feeling a fatigue that I couldn’t get in front of and the last two weeks pushed me over the edge.

I’ve got one more big extrovert push this week at Defrag this Wednesday and Thursday and then I’m done for a while.  Oh – I’ll be available – but if you have a physical sighting of me, you might be interacting with my new avatar.