Brad Feld

Tag: flu

I’ve been quiet since the weekend.  It’s not because I’ve had nothing to say (that would be a first), but because I was absolutely slaughtered by the flu.  I spent all of Sunday and Monday in bed.  I managed to work yesterday and stay on top of the things flying around and today was more or less normal (with a long afternoon nap).  But that was easily the worst kick in the ass I’ve had from a cold in many years.

I’d put together a string of three weeks of six days of running a week prior to getting sick so there’s some chance that I was a little fatigued from that, but I generally felt great after my week off the grid for my 45th birthday.  I’ve gone pretty hardcore on food / diet as a result of reading Younger Next Year so my body might have been a little confused by that.  Or maybe I just shouldn’t have spent so much time next to my partner Ryan after he was recovering from the flu.

Regardless of what it was, I don’t wish that one on any of you.  Maybe this is the year to get a flu shot if you haven’t already.