Brad Feld

Tag: foodzie

Applications for the 2009 TechStars program are now open.  If you apply before March 1st, you’ll be eligible to receive an invitation to TechStars For A Day on March 3rd.  The applications deadline is March 21, 2009 at 11:59:59 PM MDT.

For an example of one of the TechStars 2008 companies, take a look at the recent article in the NY Times titled An Online Farmers MarketIt’s a great profile of Foodzie – one of last year’s companies which was founded by Rob LeFave, Emily Olson, and Nik Bauman.  Foodzie recently raised $1m from First Round Capital and SoftTech VC, have launched a dynamite site, and are off to the races.

Hint: Foodzie applied early, came to TechStars For A Day, got into the program, and knocked the cover off the ball.

Apply now.  ‘Nuff said.