Brad Feld

Tag: #leadboldly

A coalition of 250 CEOs and leaders (and growing by the hour) are asking our fellow business and civic leaders around America to #LeadBoldly and #StoptheSpread of COVID-19.

We as leaders are doing the following, and asking other leaders to join us:

  • Immediately change our organization’s policies to “work from home” for all employees where possible, including leaders.
  • Do everything we can to support our frontline workforce, our first responders and our healthcare workers, as they show up for work and fight this on the frontlines.
  • Ask our employees to stop hosting or attending voluntary/social public events of ANY size
  • Free up time on our calendars to support our state and local communities as we move through this crisis

We’re encouraging all of our employees, our friends, and our families to:

  • Stop hosting or attending ALL voluntary/social public events of ANY size
  • Stop patronizing bars, restaurants, and gyms. That said, please do what you can otherwise to support small businesses and their employees during this tough time — buy gift cards from local restaurants to use later this year, support small online retailers, etc. (More to follow on specific initiatives to support small businesses — please send us your suggestions).
  • Provide support for frontline workers, first responders and healthcare workers, as they fight this on the frontlines
  • Treat one another kindly in the stressful time

If you are a business or civic leader, I encourage you to join this initiative to LeadBoldly to #StoptheSpread of COVID-19