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Well – the 2010 marathon season is upon us.  As I prepare to head out for a three hour run, I decided to finalize my 2010 calendar. 

2009 sucked for me – I didn’t complete any marathons on my way to doing a marathon in every state by the time I’m 50.  Mild injuries, several colds, fatigue from work and travel, and general lack of rhythm are my excuses while a temporary failing of my iron will is the real reason. 

Out with the 2009 lameness – it’s a new year and we’ll try again.  My best year was 2008 when I did five marathons so let’s up that by one and do six this year.  Here are the one’s I’m currently planning to do.

  1. 02/28/10 – New Orleans, LA: Rock ‘n’ Roll Mardi Gras Marathon
  2. 04/11/10 – St Louis, MO: GO! St. Louis Marathon
  3. 06/12/10 – Marathon, IA: Marathon to Marathon
  4. 08/21/10 – Rachel, NV: E.T. Full Moon Midnight Marathon
  5. 10/17/10 – Detroit, MI: Detroit Free Press / Flagstar Marathon
  6. 12/11/10 – Kiawah, SC: Kiawah Island Golf Resort Marathon

I’m always game to have friends tag along and run with me so feel free to reach out if you are so inclined.  And – I’m trying to figure out what kind of new special 2010 charity thing to add on to my existing sponsors Return Path and Pixie Mate so I’m open to suggestions.  And – as always – a super huge thanks to my amazing coach Gary Ditsch at Endurance Base Camp for putting up with me.

See you in a few weeks New Orleans!

In 2006 I ran the Boston Marathon as a Charity Runner for The Michael Lisnow Respite CenterI had a tremendous Experience At The Boston Marathon even though I got a nasty email from someone a few days before that was a Major Emotional Bummer for me.  I learned plenty from processing the entire experience (good and bad) and wouldn’t trade it for anything.

A year ago I adopted Accelerated Cure Project for Multiple Sclerosis as one of my official 50×50 marathon sponsors.  They are a great nonprofit based in Boston that is working to cure MS by determining its causes. It turns out that they have some extra Boston Marathon charity passes this year.  They asked me if I wanted to run Boston again but since I’m still focused on one marathon in each state, I passed on this year’s race. 

To qualify for the number, you don’t have to be located near their office or have an MS connection. You just have to be able to physically finish the marathon within 6 hours, and there is a required fundraising component (that ACP will help you to achieve).

If interested in running one of the *most* prestigious marathons and supporting a high impact, highly efficient nonprofit, please email Jane at or call her at 781-487-0010.  I can’t recommend ACP highly enough – they are just great folks.  Thanks Jane and crew for supporting the Boston Marathon Charity program!