Brad Feld

Tag: ppc

Trada – one of our investments that is based in Boulder – is absolutely killing it.  It was started by Niel Robertson, who we’ve worked with in various forms going back to the mid-1990’s.  When Niel first came up with the idea, he and my partner Seth Levine spent a few months really going deep and figuring out how (PPC) pay per click marketing campaigns (e.g. Google AdWords) worked and whether a crowdsourcing approach could materially improve their performance.  It turns out that it does – if you are doing any sort of PPC marketing you will see dramatic improvements by using Trada’s service.  And – if you are a PPC expert, you can make extra bucks by being one of the optimizers for Trada’s service.  But don’t take my word for it, hear it directly from Niel the scarf maker.

Recently, Trada announced that in addition to Google and Yahoo, they now support Bing.  Rather than putting out a turgid press release, Niel and Seth made a second video in a series that continues the saga of Niel the scarf maker.

If your company does anything around PPC marketing, take a look at Trada.  And – if you run into Seth on the street, ask him what he thinks of the Yankees.