Brad Feld

Tag: protip

Put this in the protip category. When you create a calendar event and invite someone to it, make it useful.

For example “Board Meeting” is not helpful. But “BigDoor Board Meeting” is very helpful.

Don’t invite me to a meeting that says “Meeting with Brad Feld.” Make it something like “Smith / Feld – UX for BigDoor” meeting.

For bonus points, use the “Where” field. Put the full address in it. If it says “Foundry Group – 1050 Walnut Street, Suite 210, Boulder, CO 80302” your iPhone or Android phone can automatically map the directions. If it just says “Foundry” well – that’s not really very helpful. Or put your phone number instead of “Phone”. Or your Skype handle instead of “Skype”.

At some point in the future, our calendars will be really smart. Right now they still generally suck, but a few simple things can make them a lot better.