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My friends at Slice of Lime are growing. If you don’t know them, they are a local Boulder company that we use for a bunch of UX / UI / web stuff for ourselves and a number of companies we invest in.

If you are a Senior UX person looking for a new gig, go apply now. Following is more info on Slice of Lime and the position.

We’re a 11+ year old business that specializes in creating marketing websites and user interface design for web apps and mobile apps. We work with a wide range of clients including technology startups and big brands. We’re consistantly recognized as one of the fastest growing companies and top ten in our industry in Boulder.

We’re looking for an individual that can:

  • Interact directly with a client and be accountable for managing their own project schedule and deliverables
  • Run meetings and present / defend your strategy and design work
  • Create strategy documents such as personas, information architecture, user paths, and wireframes
  • Create high-end design work suitable for both marketing websites as well as web and mobile applications
  • Collaborate well with other Slice of Limers

We practice agile methodologies with our UX/UI work and have fine tuned our process to work seamlessly with our clients’ internal or external development teams.

Slice of Lime offers a great work environment with a focus on “creating amazing experiences” for our clients and ourselves. We offer wonderful health insurance, a generous vacation plan, $500 to spend on work-releated materials and gear every 6 months, and a competitive salary. We’re located in the heart of downtown Boulder and can’t wait to meet the new member of our team. We hope it’s you!

As some of you may know, we made a modest investment in Slice of Lime in 2007. This year, Slice of Lime is celebrating 10 years of being in business. This is a huge accomplishment and we couldn’t be more proud of the business Kevin, Jeff, and Daniel have built.

Slice of Lime has done web strategy, design, and development work for many of the companies we’ve invested in over the years including BigDoor, BrightLeaf, and Orbotix (new site launching soon) as well as our own Foundry Group website. They’re consistently listed as Top 10 in their industry and one of the fastest growing companies in Boulder County.

With any business that’s been around that long, there’s always an entertaining history of stories behind it. To showcase this, Slice of Lime created a 10 Year Anniversary Site.

Perhaps what’s most exciting about Slice of Lime these days is their new focus. As of 2011, Slice of Lime has introduced “User Interface Design for Web Apps and Mobile Apps” as a service. This move is supported by their excellent UI work over the last few years for clients like Troy Aikman Fantasy QB, Prediculous, BlipSnips, Denver Art Museum, Envysion, GeoPalz, and Etsy.

While Slice of Lime will continue to provide amazing marketing websites for their clients, this new service is a logical evolution. Many companies have strong development resources that can create the functionality of an app, but need help when it comes to user interface design and user experience. That’s where Slice of Lime gets plugged in and can really make a difference.

Congratulation to the Slice of Lime team – here’s to another 10 years!

Congrats to my friends at Avalon Ventures on raising their new $200 million fund.  I’ve been friends with and co-invested with Rich Levandov, one of Avalon’s partners, since the mid-1990’s, most recently in Standing Cloud, Zynga, and NewsGator.  I’ve gotten to know several of Rich’s partners over the past few years and recently had a wonderful Do More Faster book tour dinner hosted at Avalon’s San Diego office by Kevin Kinsella (a fellow MIT-grad turned VC.)

In conjunction with their financing, Avalon just rolled out a new website designed by Slice of Lime.  Slice of Lime is a Boulder-based firm that we work closely with that was founded around 2000 by Kevin Menzie and Jeff Rodanski and then joined by my brother Daniel Feld a few years ago.  We love their work (they designed our Foundry Group website) and they’ve done other VC firms sites, including Bridgescale.

If you are a VC firm and want a refresh on your website, drop the guys at Slice of Lime an email – I’m sure they’d be happy to hear from you.  And keep your eyes out for some fun additional news from Avalon soon.

As you may have noticed, I’ve got a new blog design, as do my partners Jason Mendelson, Ryan McIntyre, and Seth Levine.  Every year or so I get bored of my blog design and we go through a nice little upgrade.  Our good friends at Slice of Lime do all the design work and Ross (our IT guy) wrangles everything. 

We’re still changing some stuff, but if you have any suggestions or notice any bugs, please leave comments so I can tune things up.

Slice of Lime is looking to for Flash/Flex/PHP designer who is also a programmer at heart.  If this is you, apply now!