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May 27 2010

Pick Your 2% And Own It

I’ve always enjoyed hanging out with Om Malik.  We’ve had a handful of nice, relaxed discussions about some deep stuff.  Last week I took a break from Google I/O and spent an hour and a half with him.  We spent about an hour talking about life and some very personal things and then did a thirty minute interview which includes a really nice post on GigaOm about me and Foundry Group.

Om does a great interview and really brings out the best in people.  The next time he emails, he’ll have me at “Brad, would you talk to me about …”

May 25 2010

The Founders 2010 Episode 1: The Question is Why

We’re doing the TechStars Founders video series again this year. The Rackspace Cloud has sponsored the series so look for some new and exciting twists.  Episode 1 follows!

"The Question is Why" The Founders | TechStars Boulder | Episode 1 from TechStars on Vimeo.

May 24 2010

The Founders 2010 Starts Tomorrow

Here’s Teaser #2 for the TechStars The Founders 2010 video series, which stars airing at 9am MST starting tomorrow. 

"David Cohen" The Founders | TechStars Boulder | Teaser 02 from TechStars on Vimeo.

It’s going to be better than the finale of Lost.  I promise.

May 20 2010

DailyBurn Acquired By IAC

Another TechStars Boulder company – this time DailyBurn from the class of 2008 – has been acquired by IAC.  I’m super proud of Andy Smith, Stephen Blankenship, and the whole DailyBurn team.  This is now TechStars fifth meaningful acquisition and the first from the 2008 class.

The TechStars Boulder 2010 class has begun.  I spent Monday afternoon meeting with each of the teams and I’m psyched about this year’s group.  TechStars is now in its fourth year in Boulder and everyone is off to a fast start.  Also on Monday, David Cohen announced the new TechStars Global Affiliate program and announced our first Global affiliate, Copenhagen-based Startupbootcamp.  I also saw the first episode of the TechStars video series “The Founders – Season 2”.  A quick teaser follows.

"Brad Feld" The Founders | TechStars Boulder | Teaser 01 from TechStars on Vimeo.

And – if that wasn’t enough, Localytics, a TechStars Boston 2009 company, closed a $700k round of financing led by Launchpad Venture Group and New York Angels.

If you are interested in participating in TechStars, applications for the TechStars Seattle 2010 class is open until June 1 at 11:59:59 PM Pacific Time.  Apply now!

Apr 22 2010

Some Thoughts On TechStars and Advice for Young Entrepreneurs

Steve Bell of StartupTrek once again does a nice job of capturing my thoughts in under 7 minutes – this time on TechStars and some advice for young entrepreneurs.

Mar 29 2010

Are You Interested in TechStars Seattle?

I’ll be in Seattle on Tuesday 4/6 for a bunch of meetings and am attending the Seattle Open Coffee Club meeting at 8:30am at Louisa’s on 2379 Eastlake Avenue E in Seattle.  Andy Sack who runs the TechStars Seattle program is hosting and providing the coffee.  We will both be answering any and all questions about TechStars Seattle, plus eating plenty of baked goods.

Mar 26 2010

TechStars Seattle Applications Are Now Open

Last night we had the TechStars Boulder selection meeting where we chose the TechStars Boulder finalists.  We’ll be notifying folks shortly.  In the mean time, we’ve opened applications for TechStars Seattle

Andy Sack, who runs the TechStars Seattle program, has several great blog posts up including How TechStars came to Seattle? and Help me spread the word on TechStars Seattle applicationsThe schedule for TechStars Seattle has also been posted.

I’m really excited about the Seattle program.  The response from the Seattle entrepreneur, angel, and VC community has been incredible and reinforces that Seattle was absolutely the right choice for the third TechStars location.

Mar 15 2010

TechStars Data from 2007 to 2009

One of our internal mantras at TechStars is to “publish your data.”  We encourage every team to do this starting very early in their life.  To this day, I still get daily performance reports (I refer to them as TPS reports) from many of the companies that have gone through the program.

Last week, David Cohen published all of the historical TechStars data.  39 companies have gone through the program to date (30 through Boulder and 9 through Boston).  The data that David published covers a lot of ground, including status by individual company.  Some of the pertinent summary data follows:

  • In three years, about $16.5 million in seed-stage funding has been raised.
  • 27 of 39 (~70%) TechStars companies have either raised outside funding after the program or bootstrapped to profitability.
  • TechStars companies currently employ 156 people.
  • Four of the first ten companies from the inaugural 2007 class have already achieved positive exits.
  • The most recent group of companies resulted in seven VC-led follow-on funding rounds and three additional angel-led rounds.

At the same time, Shawn Broderick, who runs the TechStars Boston program, just published the age demographics for the newest class of 10 companies that started the program at the beginning of March.  The numbers may surprise you as being higher than you might expect:

  • Youngest: 21
  • Oldest: 51
  • Average: 28.3
  • Median: 27

Our plan is to continue to update this data on a regular basis as we think it helps people better understand the TechStars program.  If there is additional data that you’d like to see, please feel free to suggest it.

Applications for the TechStars Boulder 2010 program are still open until March 22, 2010 at 11:59:59 PM Mountain Time.  If you haven’t applied but are thinking about it, apply now (it’ll only take a few minutes.)

Feb 5 2010

SnapCamp in Boulder – All for Good and Lots of Fun

I think Boulder is one of the absolute best places to start a tech company. The depth of talent and overall strength of our tech community here is superb. It turns out that makes it a great place to start a community-based tech nonprofit startup, too. I’ve written before about SnapImpact’s great work in making doing good easy. Having already created the first volunteering app for the iPhone, they’re started taking on some additional challenges.

Specifically, their developers got the attention of All for Good, a Silicon Valley-based project that managed to make data-sharing agreements with all the major volunteer data providers in the US – not an easy feat. Over the past year, they’ve built the US’s biggest database of volunteer opportunities and are the back-end for the serve.gov website. The SnapImpact crew has been given the go-ahead to create All for Good version 2.0.

They’re kicking it off with SnapCamp on Feb 19-21, an intensive weekend event for non-profit stake-holders, developers, designers, marketing gurus, startup geeks, and anyone else who wants to make it easy for volunteers find ways to contribute. Of note to developers, v2.0 will be utilizing Scala/Lift – with full support of the Lift community and Dave Pollak, it’s creator.

SnapCamp is taking place in the TechStars Bunker and is being fully sponsored by All for Good. I encourage you to show up, have some geeky startup fun, and do something really big with your weekend. Sign up at Eventbrite: https://snapcamp.eventbrite.com.

Apr 8 2009

Limbo and Brightkite Merge

Last night, Brightkite announced that it has merged with Limbo.   The resulting company, which will be called Brightkite, recently closed a $9 million financing.   I’m psyched for Martin, Brady, and the Brightkite crew as this merger positions them really strongly for their next phase of growth.

Brightkite was a member of the TechStars 2007 class.  They’ve crafted an outstanding mobile social networking app that really started to take off after the release of their excellent iPhone app.  It’s become one of my signaling devices for where I am in the world – if you want to keep track of me friend and follow me on Brightkite.

Congrats guys – I’m looking forward to seeing what the future brings!

Off for a run on the Embarcadero (without my iPhone this time.)